Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I did a lot of reading on trauma this past term. This was partly due to the nature of my classes, partly related to work at my internship, but mostly it had to do with the work I am attempting to do personally and within the context of my own therapy and theological questioning. I've discovered some remarkable books along this journey thus far, one of which is titled Trauma and Grace by Serene Jones. On this day in particular I have found myself thinking upon much of what she has written on theology and it's role in the process of healing from trauma. Here's a quote that prefaces the very first chapter of the book:

"Too often we believe that when physical healing occurs, mental healing naturally follows, and that with time, all wounds heal. Such is not always the case, however. Violence often cuts so deeply into our minds that surface healings cover it over and, hidden away, allow it to expand. The balmlike work of theology and of religion is to uncover and mend such wounds. And what medicine does this? Healing lies as much, if not more, in the stories we tell and the gestures we offer as in the doctrines we preach."

I posted some thoughts on Columbine and Cassie last year that you can find here.

And because I love her still and love this video, I couldn't resist reposting it here as well.

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