Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Miss Faith...isn't she lovely?

I recently had Faith finish a few sentences to post on here for everyone. So here's what she wanted to share:

My favorite subject in school
is Math because I'm learning Division and Multiplication

My favorite games are
Old Maid and Sorry

What I miss most about Colorado
is seeing all of my family

I want to tell them
that I love them and miss them.

My best friend is

My favorite recess activity is
jumping rope

I just finished reading
The Higher Power of Lucky. I've been reading a bunch of books for a competition called Battle of the Books.

When I grow up I dream of becoming
An artist

During my play time I like to

I am most thankful for
my family

My favorite TV shows are currently
Hannah Montana (even though Mommy doesn't let me watch it that often) and The Amazing Race.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Just thought you all might like to know that Krisalyn told a boy at school this week that he is going to marry her when she's older. I'm not sure what is funnier- the fact that she's 4 and she's already picking out the one she wants...or the fact that she didn't ask him - she simply told him.

She revealed this little detail to us about her day when we were all sitting around the dinner table talking about our favorite and least favorite parts of that specific day. She made us all guess about hers only indicating that it had to do with a secret she told her friend Jayden. After a series of guesses at which the closest we got to the truth was that she told Jayden that she was his girlfriend, she finally gave up and told us the real story. Brian and I looked at each other, both filled with terror and bewilderment, and we both agreed that she is definately my daughter.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day

We just wanted to say we love you all! Happy Valentine's Day!!!