Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!

And I think it's only fitting to start counting down the days until Bri and I head off for the land of Ire. Yup...122 days until we set sail (or board a plane) headed straight for Dublin. We're trying to squeeze in some much needed planning time since we'd also like to tour the Western Coast where some of the most beautiful landscapes are said to be resting. It will hopefully be such sweet celebration for us as we experience some much needed time together to reflect upon all that we've survived as well as dream of what will come to be in our life together as we move forward from this journey. And all of this goodness will most certainly be complimented with the free-flowing fermented flavors available in the multitude of authentic Irish pubs. Today is simply a tease of what is to come!

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laurie said...

(gasp) Ireland! That's so exciting. I'm very jealous.