Sunday, January 10, 2010


We decided to tackle our annual post-Christmas task of purging and re-organizing this weekend (our first weekend home in 3 weeks). It's amazing how much stuff we actually have tucked away in this relatively small apartment. This 1200 square foot pad, occupied by three little people and two not-so-little people, was right on the verge of feeling rather cluttered. I am not a clutter-loving person. I'm not even a clutter-accepting person. I need space to breathe, to think, to be...which is probably why the prospect of building a house on my mother's 5 acres of land in Castle Rock once we've finished this stretch of Operation: Get Masters Degree and Figure Life Out in Seattle Mission (yeah right) is so appealing.

Despite the challenges we faced in re-organizing this year, I am quite pleased with the result. After 6 hours of sorting through piles and piles of all things girlie, 2 trash bags filled with toys and a few clothing items worthy of a Goodwill donation, 3 trash bags of..well, trash, a few hundred dollars worth of Ikea and Target organizing thing-a-ma-jigs, 2 hours of assembling said thing-a-ma-jigs and 2 pooped-out parental units - I can finally breathe once again.

Ahhhhhhh (that is a relaxed sigh escaping my virtual mouth). Now, to unwind, I am partaking in my last binge on holiday junk food before beginning Operation: Get My Ass Back in Shape for another Half Marathon Prior to Conceiving Baby #4 while scouring online deals on great fabric! I am so freaking domesticated. It's pathetic - I know- but check out this great Robert Allen design I found on for only $12.98/yd.


lauren said...

what are you going to do with that lovely fabric shauna? and when can we expect baby #4?

The Journey Unknown said...

Well, Miss Lauren, I am thinking about making some curtains and pillows out of that fabric for the playroom. What do you think? And baby #4 will hopefully be established in my womb in the month of October...but that's assuming that I'm just as fertile as I once was. I'm gonna participate in the Denver Rock n' Roll Marathon the beginning of that after that it's party time!