Friday, January 22, 2010

Musical Mama

Recently I had this epiphany about the power of music in my life. Without going into too many of the personal details surrounding this epiphany, I must confess that music has had the quality of mothering nurturance in my life for as long as I can remember. There has been something of the tone, lyrics, rhythm and movement of countless songs that reflect back to my baby self the attunement I'm often desperate for. It is no secret that I am an emotionally sensitive human being (some may actually think that description is an understatement since eruptions of Russell-Lady-squeals and buckets of tears are never far from the surface). But despite this fullness of emotion I have often struggled to make sense of why I feel what I feel so intensely. I often don't have words for the feelings. And without words or language of any sort I become paralyzed and unable to be comforted, to process, to move through the torrent of emotion. So music has offered me attunement time and time again. I am soothed by the mirroring back of what I'm feeling in these songs I've grown so attached to.

Last night I was able to view a documentary film-debut about one of the Singer-Songwriters that has offered this mothering quality to me many times over. Rosie Thomas is a lovely soul. If you haven't heard her music you should check her out below.

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