Friday, November 20, 2009

Twilight Conversation

With all the hype posted all over facebook about the release of New Moon (book two of the Twilight series) I felt compelled to say something about it! I have not read any of the books. Brian read Twililght because so many of the kids in the elementary school where he teaches were talking about it (along with quite a few of the teachers and mothers of the students). I have, however, watched the first movie which I hear is nothing compared to the books. I am sure that is true. I have also heard from many close female friends of how fabulous the entire series is.

The problem for me initially was the fanaticism. Yes, I realize that I could have been considered by some to be a fanatic of Lord of the Rings (which is why someone decided to gift me with an Aragorn doll that can be found currenly resting contentedly in the bottom of a container filled with my daughters' Barbie dolls). BUT typically, wherever fanaticism rears it's head...something inside my belly begins to squirm. This little squirming sensation is cautioning me, perhaps, to inquire about what it is that is so magnectic about the text/movie/tv show and what does it reveal about the culture for which we live, eat, consume and think within. The Twilight movie was problematic for me on many levels (not just because of the unconvincing acting and the climbing of trees). But, I know I must refrain from solidifying any opinions until I read the texts and engage in deeper dialogue with those who have found something of significant value in this series.

However, there is a lovely and talented woman from my school who has devoted much of her studies this year to exploring this subject. I have read many of her book reviews in the recent years and find that we have a similar passion for probing literature in the hope of discovering what it can reveal about humanity and culture. I have created links below to her initial thoughts on the four books in this series. (My favorite is her review on book 4 - primarily because of the discussion that ensues in the comments section of the post).

Book 1 - Twilight
Book 2 - New Moon
Book 3 - Eclipse
Book 4 - Breaking Dawn

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