Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Miss Faith...isn't she lovely?

I recently had Faith finish a few sentences to post on here for everyone. So here's what she wanted to share:

My favorite subject in school
is Math because I'm learning Division and Multiplication

My favorite games are
Old Maid and Sorry

What I miss most about Colorado
is seeing all of my family

I want to tell them
that I love them and miss them.

My best friend is

My favorite recess activity is
jumping rope

I just finished reading
The Higher Power of Lucky. I've been reading a bunch of books for a competition called Battle of the Books.

When I grow up I dream of becoming
An artist

During my play time I like to

I am most thankful for
my family

My favorite TV shows are currently
Hannah Montana (even though Mommy doesn't let me watch it that often) and The Amazing Race.

1 comment:

NoYouDo said...

I love you faith. And miss you!

-uncle b