Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Saturday Night...oh wait it's Sunday

We're just gearing up for another week in the Gauthier household. It's likely to be a crazy one too...considering I have school everyday this next week from Monday-Saturday. I'll be glad to have completed the bulk of my school work for this trimester before Thanksgiving arrives, though. We decided to head down to California to visit Pops & Lola for the big FEAST. The girls are excited for another opportunity to enjoy Lola's cooking and to go to the Ballet with Pops.

We survived something like 7 straight days of rain and were relieved to see the sun a bit yesterday and at least have dry weather today. So without anything super exciting to write about - I'll just leave you a few of these images captured by my lovely iphone.

We were making cookies and I think the sugar started to get to them!

And then we enjoyed Faith's favorite game - Memory. I think it's her favorite because she ALWAYS wins!

The girls had Whacky Hair Day at school.

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